Company History

Back in the 80s I was an auto tech by trade and repaired things on the side it was a change of pace a hobby. Well one day I was told of a food shop going in that meant no more auto repair. The person I had worked for had a few projects he needed done and with two small boys and wife I could use the money. Doing these jobs a friend came by asked if I liked doing this my reply was yes. Well he had some work to sub for a realtor i did the work the realtor was pleased gave more work introduced me to more people that had projects and before i knew it i had a successful home improvement business. A year or so later a large insurance company, let’s call it the big red one since I don’t have written permission to use their name but I do have a reference letter from there relocation dept. I was asked if i would consider being a direct vendor to them. Several years later, I have a good business going both boys out of high school and a wife just finished college my wife asked if I would consider moving so she could use her degree. Well I figured why not. She got a job in AZ my youngest joined air force my oldest moved here so I figured it must be so. Well I got here just when the market tanked and found out if I wanted a chance I needed to get licensed and bonded with ROC.

Years in Business

Jack's Improvements has been in business for 23 years.


Local: 480-522-9991

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""Other than my Dad, Jack is the most trustworthy person I know. Jack's repair skills are incredible, his quality of work is outstanding and his bids were always more than reasonable. In addition Jack has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Over the years Jack was able to pick up on my style. He knew how I wanted my Real Estate properties to look so he would make recommendations where repair dollars should be spent. This way I could update a property to its fullest and still make the best profit for my company. Bloomington/Normal's loss is the Arizona's Repair Business & Real Estate Market's gain.""

Cheryl Mardis, State Farm Insurance